MNO’s and Service Providers

/facing increased competition

As a Mobile Network Operator (MNO), you’re probably facing ever-growing challenges to remain competitive, especially in view of the underlying technology evolution brought about by the convergence of mobile and IP. In the interim, this is leading to increased network complexity, a decline in traditional business revenues, and the entry of new business models and partners into the marketplace.

At IFG Consulting, we can help you to accelerate business value by introducing technologies, solutions and business insights that are relevant for your business – thus helping you to stay ahead of the curve and allowing you to:

  • Increase your revenue and identify new business opportunities
  • Manage your customer experience and provide relevant contextual services
  • Reduce your costs by optimisation and effective use of resources

We would welcome the opportunity to share our general market observations with your executive team, and discuss your particular challenges to provide you with guidance and advice specifically tailored to your individual needs.