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We broker and accelerate the adoption of innovative mobile solutions throughout Europe.

Company - IFG Consulting Ltd

A common challenge is the lengthy process involved in taking a new digital mobile product or service idea from inception to commercial realisation in an operator – this can often take several years. In today’s fast moving world, that is quite simply not quick enough, and it is likely to make the intended outcome less relevant – or even obsolete – due the rapid evolution of digital technology.

In addition there is the fragmentation of the European market, with more than 45 countries, over 100 mobile operators and – according to some sources – more than 300 MVNO’s serving a market of more than 700 million people. To build contacts and create a reliable sales organisation to address this complex market takes time and requires substantial funding.

You need a different approach – and that’s where we can add value.

Headquartered in the UK, we have a well-established network of partners and associates throughout Europe, providing unrivalled expertise, detailed local knowledge and excellent regional coverage.


We aim to create a win/win situation for investors and mobile operators by broking and accelerating the adoption of innovative mobile solutions. Investors see a much quicker return on their investment, and operators benefit from enhanced customer experience and reduced costs.