Efficient communication is at the very heart of any successful organisation. The dynamics of the technology people choose to use in their private lives has a direct impact on corporates. Employees consider the technology they use as an extension of their own persona, and mobile technology is a critically important part of the mix which needs to be integrated with the corporate call control environment.

Costs grow exponentially related to the number of technologies and devices you aspire to support. So CIOs need to seek a solution that supports all the different call control configurations and deployments within their business, both today and in the future. This will enable them to provide a common phone experience across all access devices, including traditional fixed and mobile phones, as well as applications like WebRTC and Lync.

This is where mobile operators have an important role to play. Due to standardisation, mobile operators have a network where ubiquitous call connectivity has been constructed on a global basis. Using their network and specific enabling technology, they are well placed to support CIO’s requirements across geographic locations, devices and applications, working seamlessly with the corporate environment at a reduced cost.

This represents a huge opportunity for mobile operators, as it allows them to make their network the integral enabling technology for all future call control requirements.

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