Lead Generation

In order to attract interest from the best prospects, you need a detailed understanding of your target market, a compelling value proposition and a relevant, tailored marketing approach.

At IFG Consulting we can help by understanding the specific drivers and requirements of each of your sales prospects, allowing for enhanced targeting and better results. Our network of specialist sales and business development partners have an excellent track record in targeting and accessing the right contacts within your prospective client companies to achieve results.

In addition, as more and more of your sales prospects are now applying increasing financial rigour to the evaluation of potential business opportunities, we consider the development of a robust business case to be a crucial part of the sales approach.

We can help with the construction of a tailored business case for each of your sales prospects. By providing a clear insight into the value of the offer, your products and services can be transformed from a simple ‘wish list’ to ‘must-have’ items – safeguarding funding and resources that might otherwise be in question.

We are always open to new opportunities so if you'd like to learn more about us and what we can offer then please get in touch.

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